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3 Main Strategies to Explode the Exercise Bands Equipment

If the gym is not your favorite place to work out, then a sweaty workout at home with resistance bands is a perfect alternative. These rubbery, elastic resistence bands are inexpensive, multi-purpose, and work on your muscles in a completely different way than weights.

To back up this claim, various studies show that muscles respond to strength training using resistance bands just as effectively as free weights or other machines. It not only builds strength and stability but also improves heart health.

At times, people avoid using resistance bands because they’re unaware of how to use them. Working out with dumbbells is different from other equipment as it applies a double amount of tension.

Take an example of dumbbell curls with bands. Your triceps and biceps muscles, both activate under constant tension when you bend the arm and release it. Not many people are comfortable with it.

3 Strategies or Exercises to benefit from resistance bands

The benefits these simple resistence bands offer are numerous. Along with cardio, they come in handy for strength training as well. Imagine putting the right amount of tension on multiple groups of muscles at the same time. Some of its benefits are:

  • Bands activate stabilizer muscles, which keep the band in alignment during exercise. With constant pressure on muscles, coordination, and balance improve.
  • They add variety to your workout routine by allowing position changes in multiple ways while creating resistance from all sides.
  • They are easy to take on to your travels.
  • They’re inexpensive.
  • Overall amazing for all fitness levels depending on how you use them.

  • Incorporating resistance bands means toned legs, abdomen, and leg muscles. Check out these easy yet effective strategies to follow for the best results.


1. Side-to-side lunge

Start with tying the band around your waist, and grab the handles on each side of your armpits. Keep your muscles tight and move to the left while taking your right leg out in a straight lunge and press the right hand forward to straighten the band. Come back to your initial position and repeat for the other side.

2. Rotating Band Chest Press

For this exercise routine, you will wrap the band around a stationary object, tie the handle through the other, and pull on it tight. Step away from your stationary spot until it becomes harder to hold onto the band with enough tension.

Then begin the exercise with your left side towards the sturdy post with a straight arm and rotate your body. Keep pivoting around your feet and bring your right side all the way around to your left side until both of your hand’s fingers touch.

Perform 16 reps of this exercise on each side.


3. Triceps Extensions

Sit on the floor with a straight back with the band held out in front of you. Keep the elbows bent out to your sides till shoulder level while your palms face the floor. As close your hands are together, the more difficult the exercise becomes.  Straighten and move the left arm to the side until it becomes parallel to the floor, all the while keeping your right hand in place, don’t let it move. Come back to your initial position and perform 16 reps of this exercise on one arm before moving to the other.

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