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Exercising is an important routine for many people. Keeping your body toned and excessive fat-free is crucial for good health. While working at home is fun, easy, and comfortable, not everyone can work without a workout mats for home.

Whether you’re about to perform yoga or some stretching routine, exercise mats are beneficial for your body and house e.g.

  • Exercising on the floor could result in scratches and injuries on your knees and legs. Likewise, exercising on a carpet can cause blisters and rash. Having an exercise mat is protection from all those injuries.
  • Using an exercise mat can turn any place of your home into a workout zone.
  • Exercise mats become a cushion when the weights fall on the floor, causing damage to the floor.
  • Exercise equipment can also leave scratches on your floor, and to avoid that, use exercise mats.

For different exercises, different mats fit your body perfectly. Let’s discuss the three basic types and where to use them.

Yoga Mats

Yoga mats are the thinnest of them all with thickness rounding from 0.3 cm to 0.6 cm, otherwise also known as sticky mats. The thin-cushioned exterior provides a non-slip surface for all the yoga exercises. Scratching your knees on your legs on the hard floor or carpeted floor doesn’t sound better when you can have yoga mats for an injury-free workout. Due to their thinness, they might not cushion your body better while stretching or exercising. As they are known for having sticky surfaces, they are easy to clean.

You can easily roll them up and put them in the storeroom or your dedicated exercise room as they don’t take much space. They’re cheap, so you don’t have to worry about the price when buying a yoga mat. But if thin yoga mats are a problem, then you can buy extra-thick yoga mats. These are somewhat expensive for their different colors and designer brands. You can also purchase eco-friendly yoga mats starting at the same price as the designer brands.

Pilates Mats

If your exercise routines involve lying on your back and stomach a lot, then Pilates mats are the best for that purpose. They are thicker than the Yoga mats for more body involving exercises. These mats provide great cushioning for your rocking and rolling body movements. Their non-slip surfaces are easy to clean, easy to roll back, and require minimum space for storage. Pilates mats are a little costly than yoga mats but are worth the price for their added protection.

Fitness Mats

Fitness mats are for stretching and routine exercises purpose. The activities you would otherwise perform on your carpet or floor, fitness mats eradicate that purpose. For all your body movements and positions like lying on your back, knees or arms, Fitness mats provide extra cushion to your body.



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