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With the deadly COVID-19 spreading worldwide, it is better to stay in the comfort of your home and follow all the necessary protocols to avoid infection. But, don´t forget your abdominal training at home.

As a result, gym buildings are not available, and working out at home means missing abdominal workout days.

You must’ve heard instructors chanting numerous times to strengthen your core. That’s because your abdominal muscles decide your overall posture and strength. You can perform abdominal exercises at home without any equipment to stick to your fitness goals.

This article focuses on why you should not miss abdominal training at home and some easy exercises to tighten your core.

Benefits of Abdominal Training

You can easily tone your stomach in the comfort of your home. Abdominal exercises are a vital part of every fitness routine.

Those chiseled abs will not be visible unless you put some work in. These exercises tighten your core muscles and reduce stomach fat.

Better Posture

Your core muscles define your posture; provide support, balance, and stability to your spine. Daily abdominal exercise increases strength and endurance of core muscles, which help reduce backaches, improve your balance while potentially improving your breathing mechanism.

Improve Performance

Sports and other strenuous activities require abdominal muscle power and stability. Stronger core muscles increase sports performance by transferring energy to limbs, while weaker core muscles can’t provide extra strength and energy.

Boosts Strength and the Ability to Carry Heavy Weight

Strong abdominal muscles can easily lift and bear heavy weight without causing any harm to the spine. It is only because an abdominal workout stabilizes and strengthens the torso to lift the weight easily.

Toned Waistline

Abdominal exercises are beneficial for people with diabetes or obesity because they help in reducing fat from the body. When the muscle mass of core muscles increases, the metabolism rate boosts as well, which results in fat burning. It helps in achieving a lean, firm body.

Aim to gain strength in your inner core muscles while exercising to acquire all the benefits.

Exercises to Perform

Try these simple exercises to strengthen your core muscles for abdominal training at home:

  1. Plank

You don’t need any equipment other than an exercise mat for this famous exercise. Plank not only helps you reduce fat but also boosts your metabolism, strengthen your neck, shoulders, chest, and back muscles as well. Perform this exercise in various variations like forearm plank, side plank, etc.

  1. Crunches

Crunches reduce your belly fat and shape your core muscles. This simple exercise requires no equipment to strengthen your abdomen. There are a few variations of crunches you can try like ab crunches, vertical crunches, reverse crunches, etc.

  1. Leg Raise

Performing leg raise strengthens and promotes your body stabilization and increases muscle endurance. Practicing leg raise targets your lower abdominal muscles and reduce your lower back pain.

  1. Jackknife sit-up

Jackknife sit-ups are perfect for building up your upper and lower abs. It is a hard exercise to perform, but the benefits are unmatchable. All of your core muscles activate together to strengthen and tone your abdomen.

  1. Boat Pose

Boat pose relieves stress and strengthens your spine. Besides this, the exercise promotes healthy kidney functions and improves digestion.


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